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How to Stop Unlawful Caller Fraud

Understanding Caller ID Spoofing and Its Impact

Have you ever received complaints from customers or contacts about calls supposedly coming from your business number, but you haven’t made those calls? If so, you might be a victim of a fraudulent practice known as caller ID spoofing. This deceitful tactic involves fraudsters using your business phone number to make outbound calls, often with malicious intent.

Risks Posed by Caller ID Spoofing to UK Businesses

Caller ID spoofing is a serious issue, especially for UK businesses, as it not only damages your reputation but also poses risks to your customers and associates. These fraudsters typically operate using predictive dialers, randomly selecting business numbers to mask their own identity and location while bombarding recipients with spam calls.

What to Do If You’re a Victim of Caller ID Spoofing

So, what can you do if you find yourself in this alarming situation?

Wait it out:

Typically, fraudsters rotate through a pool of randomly generated numbers, including yours, for a short period. In most cases, they abandon these numbers after a short while. So, patience might be your best initial course of action.

Inform your contacts:

Proactively inform your customers, suppliers, and other contacts about the fraudulent activity. Advise them to be cautious if they receive unexpected calls from your number and reassure them that you’re aware of the issue.

Report the incident:

Consider reporting the fraudulent activity to the UK police or relevant authorities. While it may not lead to an immediate resolution, it’s essential to document the incident and contribute to efforts to combat caller ID spoofing and phone scams.

Enhance security measures:

Review your business’s phone system and explore options to enhance security measures, such as implementing call authentication protocols or using reputable caller ID verification services.

Educate your team:

Educate your employees about the risks of caller ID spoofing and the importance of vigilance when handling outbound calls. Provide guidelines on how to recognise and respond to suspicious activity.

Monitor and review:

Regularly monitor your business’s phone activity and review call logs for any unusual patterns or discrepancies. Promptly address any further instances of caller ID spoofing that may arise.

While combating unlawful caller fraud can be challenging, raising awareness and taking proactive measures within your business can help minimise the impact of fraudulent activity. By staying vigilant and collaborating with relevant authorities, we can work towards creating a safer telecommunications environment for businesses and consumers alike.


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