Cloud Tips & Tricks

16/04/2024 cloud

Move your business to the cloud

Your Journey to the Cloud Embarking on a journey to the cloud is a strategic move towards the future of digital communication. With the imminent PSTN Switch-off, businesses have a unique opportunity to transition from legacy systems to more dynamic and flexible digital solutions. Tech IP is here to guide you through the evolving communication […]

26/04/2022 Password entry

Hints and Tips – Cloud Telephone Systems – Passwords

For System Administrators (passwords and passcodes) In this blog, we will be discussing the different passwords which you will need for your cloud telephone system, Including multiple separate passwords for administrators and users. These can get mixed up, but we want to help you understand the need for these passwords. For the usual security reasons, […]

07/02/2022 Cloud Phone System Update

Cloud Phone Missed Call Update

Exciting news about a recent cloud phone missed call update! Cloud phone systems have recently received a new, long-awaited update. Recently, the software of our Cloud Phone platform has been updated as per recommendations from our networking teams, considering recommendations and suggestions of improvement from our customers, resulting in the cloud phone missed call update. […]

07/02/2019 Cloud home on hand

Getting the most out of your Polycom Cloud Phone

Home view On your Polycom Cloud Phone, the Home view displays your phone line and messages settings and information. At the bottom of Home view is a Page Indicator that shows how many pages of icons Home view displays. You can get to the different phone functions from the Home View. Just use the navigation […]

06/02/2019 Cloud phone web portal

How to Adjust the angle of your Polycom Cloud Phone

From time to time you might need to adjust the angle of your Polycom Cloud Phone. For instance, if your desk is close to a window you might want to change the angle of the phone to eliminate glare on the screen. If your desk is quite low, you might want the stand on the […]

21/01/2019 Finger pressing Reboot Button

Rebooting your Cloud Phone System and Why

If you’re having problems with your Cloud Phone System, it could be time for a reboot. Often when faults appear on Cloud Phones, a simple reboot can get rid of any little glitches that have been occurring. Rebooting the phone downloads new software, restores configuration, clears the flash parameters and removes log files, user data, […]

10/01/2019 Polycom Missed call

How to remove the “Missed Calls” Popup on your Cloud Phone

If you have missed one or more calls, you will see a “missed calls” popup on the top right-hand corner of your Polycom phone that flashes between the popup and the date.. Whilst it’s great that your phone keeps you up to date with all your missed calls, the constant flashing can become really annoying […]

19/12/2018 Cloud phone web portal

How to log into and get the most from your cloud phone user web portal

Once you have received and set-up your Cloud telephone system it’s time to start getting the most from it. We will send you an email with a link to take you to the Web Portal. From there, you will be asked to input a username and password of which will be contained in the email. […]

17/12/2018 business man mobile phone

Never miss a call again with Mobile Twinning on your Cloud Phone

In today’s busy business market, more and more people are finding that they have to spend just as much time out of the office as in it. Whether you’re a sales person working in the field or you need to hold regular meetings with colleagues in other locations, time away from the office is just […]

12/12/2018 3 Telephone wires Phone lines

How to make 3-way calls with your Cloud desk phone

3-way Calling is a quick, efficient and cost-effective way to allow people anywhere in the world to all speak on the same call. This is particularly great for businesses who might need to hold regular meetings between teams that are in different locations. With a Cloud desk phone from Tech IP, making 3-way calls couldn’t be […]

06/12/2018 cloud phone contacts

How do Contacts work in my Cloud Phone System?

Storing Contacts is a must for any SMEs as they often call up the same numbers many times a day. This might be to a main supplier or their biggest customer as who has the time to keep punching in numbers a hundred times a day?  Your Cloud Phone System from Tech IP has an […]

03/12/2018 Do Not Disturb on office handset

Working the Do Not Disturb (DND) feature on your Cloud phone

If your’e new to the Cloud and are still trying to figure out what all the features are on your handset, don’t worry you’re not the only one. With Cloud phones everyone it seems is always learning new things. For this blog, I wanted to talk about the Do Not Disturb (DND) feature on your […]

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