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Managed voice and data services

Managed Service Provider

Tech IP specialises in managed voice and data services. Especially to corporate customers throughout the UK. Most importantly, as a managed service provider, we micromanage our clients’ estates. In fact, we work in partnership with them to define a wide range of IT, connectivity and telecommunications services.

Additionally, for larger businesses, who don’t want their IT team spending hours chasing up minor technical faults and managed services. You can free up your IT department’s valuable time. In short, allowing them to focus on more complex and critical initiatives.

So Why Tech IP?

We offer a personal service that otherwise wouldn’t be available from a larger corporate supplier. In fact, our customers can access products and services from key players in the UK market. Now including BT, Virgin, Talk Talk, EE, O2, Vodafone, Gamma, and indeed many more. As a single-source supplier, it especially enables both cost and time advantages.

We can help you understand, manage and control your costs on an ongoing monthly basis. Identifying any current obstacles that may be hindering productivity. Furthermore, controlling all potential failure points. It is a well-known fact that customer service can be very unpredictable, particularly for those companies that buy telecom services directly from large networks.

Tech IP is one of the nation’s leading telecommunication providers to businesses throughout the UK. Indeed, we pride ourselves on our products and levels of service. We are especially committed to ensuring our customers receive industry-leading-edge technology.  Along with the very best in customer service and support. In other words, we want you, to let us show you exactly what we can do for your business.  In essence, why coming on board with us, is the best choice for your organisation. Below are just a few benefits of how we can make your business communications better, faster, and more efficient than ever:

Telephone Systems

No Cost…

Absolutely no cost to start working with us. Therefore, select any of the above product areas and test Tech IP as a supplier resource. All our corporate relationships have begun in this way, then grown with trust and quality service provided

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Free Up Resources…

Free up resources in IT and procurement. We can consider several vendors’ products and services in one go for you. So when handling new installations, faults, or changes in any area, you contact the same team with the request. Subsequently, it’s all managed for you.  Most importantly, no more waiting in support queues, managing faults or changes yourselves. We take responsibility and manage this as an integral part of your team.

Free Up Cash…

Our retail pricing is competitively priced. So we can usually create savings compared to your current rates. Also, as part of our service, we question if you are using all the services you have in place. If not, we will help you cancel them, so you’re not paying for services you are no longer using.

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Business Telephone Services

Overall we deliver extensive grounding and hands-on experience in virtually all areas of the telecoms industry including:

Phone Systems

Choose the right telephone system for your business

Fixed Line Services

Getting the best deal for your business phone lines & calls

Mobile Voice & Data

What you need to know about dongles, mobile Wi-Fi and SIM only

Data Services WAN

Services power your network to securely deliver info with speed

Mobile Devices

Managing your mobile phone plans, contracts and tech

Hosted IP Phone Services

Move your business phone systems to the cloud

Inbound Services

Having the right phone number can help make your phone ring

Internet Connectivity

Review your internet services consider new technologies

Below are 6 core products & service areas which we can assist your business in managing more efficiently and effectively:

Traditional Phone Lines

Management of BT Openreach traditional telephone line services including new installations, faults, change management and billing.

Wholesale Broadband

Management of BT Wholesale broadband services including new installations, faults, change management and billing.

Managed VOIP

Managed VoIP services including hosted systems and SIP trunks deployment, faults, change management and billing.

Mobile Contracts

Mobile contract management including procurement, day to day fault and change management, bill checking for overcharges, peak and no usage by connection and mobile handsets procurement and support.

Ethernet & MPLS

Management of Ethernet and MPLS networks including multi-vendor pricing and selection, implementation and ongoing support for faults, change management and billing.

Network Cabling

Network cabling infrastructure supporting Cat5e, Cat6a, Fibre networks, Comms Rooms, CCTV installs and access control.

A single central resource for all services and solutions so you speak with the same person every time they call. We can:


Handle all of your day-to-day user/site issues for you, so you don’t have to. Leaving you to focus on your core business and dedicating your attention to maximising the return your business gets from those systems.


Evaluate use/cost issues to make sure you’re not paying over the odds for your products and services. We also provide Fraud Protection as a standard feature of our SIP/VoIP telephone lines service.


Provide ongoing account reviews and assessments along with commercial recommends at the end of contracts so you’re always getting the best deals at the right price to your business.

Our Partners

Below are some of the companies that are partners with Tech IP. Please click on the logo for more information on each of our partners.