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MiVoice Office 250

Businesses all over the world depend on Mitel phone systems. They use communications technology to connect and collaborate. and provide scalable, reliable communications, optimised to meet the needs of any industry

Mitel phone systems are a powerful, flexible, and trusted solution. Aimed at SMEs who want to boost productivity whilst delivering an efficient, and reliable solution.

Tech IP is a Mitel phone systems specialist. So we understand how to ensure you get the most out of your business communications tools. Supporting the latest in Mitel’s range of business phone systems, our team includes Mitel-trained engineers. Who are importantly accredited to the highest levels. Always providing smooth installations, remote diagnostics, and field-based phone system support services.

Mitel MiVoice Office 250 Business Communications Platform

The MiVoice Office 250 is a versatile VoIP business telephone system. Delivering a complete suite of business applications. Developed with converged and integrated communications in mind, Mitel’s MiVoice Office 250 phone system has proven itself to be a reliable and scalable platform. Providing a great return on investment whilst improving your productivity and company efficiency.
Furthermore, with a wide range of features and applications available as standard, the MiVoice Office is the ideal solution for a new or expanding business. Especially one that wishes to enhance productivity, mobility, and customer service, whilst reducing telephony costs.

Complete flexibility with the MiVoice Office 250

Businesses need to be flexible and be able to adapt to the growth of their business. The Mitel MiVoice 250 provides a platform for you to grow your business. It’s completely scalable and offers digital and IP connectivity. Providing you with a solution that meets both operational and budget requirements, while ensuring you have the ability to extend the system and add new applications in the future. If you have many offices, you can connect them out of the box, with the ability to link sites without any extra expense.
Whether your business is looking to move your communications systems to the cloud, improve your customer experience with a new contact centre or maximize your on-site investments with blended technologies… Mitel has technology that fits.

Business Telephone Systems

delivering business communications & IT solutions

Tech IP has been supporting customers since 2001. Delivering business communications and IT solutions that actually help you meet all of your telecommunications & IT objectives. Always in a professional and cost-effective way. We offer a full line of world-class Mitel telephony and unified communication systems to all of our customers throughout Lancashire, Merseyside, and the Northwest. Including the following areas: Blackpool, Preston, Southport, Liverpool, Manchester, Bolton, Bury, Wigan, St Helens, Blackburn, Burnley, Leeds, Warrington, Stockport, Oldham, Chester, and Salford. However, please do contact us wherever you are based as we can support clients anywhere in the UK.

Business Office Phone Systems

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