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What is cloud contact?

Cloud Contact is a ‘cloud-based’ contact centre solution. Uniquely designed to work in conjunction with our cloud phone systems and also applications. Therefore providing a seamless experience and shared feature set. also, beneficial for front and back-office contact centre agents. Users exist within the cloud platform and can be easily enabled as Cloud Contact agents within the portal.

Cloud Contact is an integrated business communication and customer contact solution. In essence, it simplifies multi-channel customer interaction. Meaning it is perfect for organisations that want to make it easier for customers to engage with them. Unlike most contact centre solutions, Cloud Contact provides an easy-to-use, self-service feature set. Now available for small to medium businesses, at a price point they can afford.

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You can get a quote for telephone systems by answering the four simple questions

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Management Insight & Control

A comprehensive reporting tool, enabling the creation of multiple reports across all channels. Then view them within the Cloud Contact portal. Schedule reports and deliver them to managers, as and when they need them.

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Access... Anytime... Anywhere

Cloud Contact is cloud-based and as such Agents can log into any device and work anytime, anywhere. Compatible with all handsets, but agents can also work with just a laptop and a headset.

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CRM Integration

Cloud Contact’s integrated CRM solution allows you to record customer interactions by channel. Then combine this data with all associated outcomes within a single consolidated database.

Smart ways of working with omnichannel


Provides a comprehensive set of voice features to enable agents to make and receive calls. Also, manage the current and historical communication with customers.


Configure to assess a caller’s position in the queue. Announce the estimated wait time and offer the caller the option of a call-back. Offer selected time slots to provide a more flexible call-back option.


Queue customer interactions and manage them within the contact centre environment. Meaning you can prioritise calls/emails into VIP queues. Thus, improving first contact resolution.


Automatically route calls to the most qualified agent. Thereby improving customer experience and first-call resolution levels.


Choose if you want to record inbound, outbound, or internal calls. Use for customer service, training, or audit purposes. Callers can choose to opt out of call recording their calls. Whilst agents can still select to record their part of the call.


Allowing customers to use existing email services, such as Gmail or Microsoft365. Configure multiple email addresses, then assign them to different queues.


Construct wallboards easily. Then show powerful live data from the minute an agent starts to handle a call, email, or web chat.


A comprehensive reporting tool built into Cloud Contact enables the creation of many reports. Now available to view within the Cloud Contact Portal.

Cloud Contact Brochure

So, please spend a few minutes looking over our brochure. It is actually packed full of lots of additional information about our Cloud Contact service. Including includes smart ways of working with Omnichannel.
It also includes the advantages of our Cloud Contact service. In particular how it can transform your customer relationships. Furthermore, there are some handy screenshots to display the product interface. Lastly, you can review the licensing options on our handy matrix.
Cloud Contact Brochure

Contact Overview…

Finally, why not take a look at our short video.  For a brief introduction to our new Cloud Contact product.

Tech IP. Our Story.

Founded in 2001, Tech IP offer a project managed approach to provide fixed and mobile telephone services and products, and a wide range of internet connectivity solutions. We believe in a partnership approach to business;  adding value to your business by providing technology efficiency and focusing on service delivery. Making your life easier with our complete communications solutions.

Please watch our brief video for an overview.

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Tech IP now offers cloud contact phone systems to businesses. Firstly, Tech IP has been helping customers since 2001. We are especially a cloud VoIP phone services provider and VoIP phone systems installer. Indeed, we are dedicated to transforming how people connect. Meaning businesses should have complete flexibility with the setup of their phone system. This is why VoIP is such a central part of what we do. We are providers of cloud VoIP phone services for any small business. Our VoIP products are easy to install and use and deliver uncompromised functionality. We are ready to meet the needs of all our customers throughout the Northwest. So, please do contact us wherever you are based. With your cloud VoIP phone services, we can support clients anywhere in the UK. 

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