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Gamma is a leading provider of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) in the UK, Dutch, Spanish, and German business markets. Supplying communication solutions to wholesale suppliers such as Tech IP.
The combination of network investment, a digital-first approach, and in-house skills development, has enabled Gamma to develop a portfolio of market-leading communications services. Which includes cloud-based services such as VoIP in the

Partnering with Gamma

Above all, we work with Gamma as a key strategic business partner because they are one of the UK’s largest IP network providers. They offer high quality, high availability, and exceptional 99.999% reliability. With the integral Voice, Data, and Mobile platforms built into the core network.
The underlying voice-switching network fabric is carrier-class technology.  Which interconnects with all major UK and international fixed and mobile carriers. It handles more than 2 million business calls during peak hours and over 1.6bn minutes per month.
The inbuilt data network is designed to assure the quality of our VoIP services through full integration at national network level This means we always have access to a UK data network that supports over 100,000 broadband and 8,000 ethernet connections. Plus, the network also offers complete end-to-end transit for our VoIP services. Again through the single national network provision. So always delivering outstanding quality and reliability.  Along with quicker resolutions to any issues as opposed to operating with split VoIP and data service providers.
Since its creation in 2002, Gamma has rapidly become one of the largest wholesale network providers in the UK communications market. So, we are pleased to operate closely with Gamma as one of the few accredited UK wholesale technical alliance partners.

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Gamma Technical Alliance Programme

Here at Tech IP, we are part of the Gamma Technical Alliance Programme.  Which recognises partners especially committed to training and up-skilling their teams.  Therefore ensuring we have complete knowledge of all Gamma products. Achieving Technical Alliance status demonstrates we have a highly skilled team and the technical know-how needed to support your business.





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