Phone Integration

01/04/2022 Think dial

Think-Dial – Auto Dialling Integration with Your Thoughts

Over these last few years, we have seen great leaps in digital technology. Foldable phones, cloud computing, and smartwatches; these are all innovations that revolutionised the way we live and work. However, believe it or not, we are just at the very beginning of this technological journey and there is still so much more to […]

05/04/2018 Smiling Man on Headset in Call centre

Why managed voice services are good for business

Managing a business can be extremely stressful. With so many aspects to cover, sometimes you might find that you ignore some of the smaller issues, so you can concentrate on the bigger ones. Whilst it might make sense to do this at first, you could in fact be making things worse. This is particularly true […]

15/02/2018 Synchronise your desk phone with CRM Integration

Synchronise your desk phone with your Saleslogix CRM

Saleslogix is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) system for businesses whose focus is on managing customer engagements and storing information. Designed to deliver cost-effective, purpose-built solutions for the mobile world, it provides capabilities for managing sales and marketing and allows businesses to collaborate effectively both in the office and working remotely. If you are […]

05/09/2017 telephone systems - Incoming calls

Are your incoming calls ringing on the wrong phones?

On average businesses tend to upgrade or replace their telephone systems every 7-10 years. This might not seem like a long time but when you consider how quickly things change in today’s business world, where things move at an accelerated rate, 10 years may as well be 100 years in technology terms. Technology is moving so […]

31/08/2017 Unify openscape

Unify OpenScape for Business from Tech IP

Unify, formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications, is one of the world’s leading communications software and services organisations known for its outstanding build quality and reliability. The new name reflects perfectly what they do… Unifying multiple networks, devices and applications to help companies make maximum revenues, build your customer base and expand your business. OpenScape Business offers […]

24/07/2017 Music On Hold Man on Microphone

Music On Hold  |  On Hold Messages

Marketing is hugely important for a business to succeed and Music On Hold & On Hold Messages can contribute significantly to this success. Internet campaigns with social media, advertisements in newspapers, radio commercials or even the traditional approaches such as display advertising, all have a direct effect on the profitability and sales for your business. […]

25/05/2017 sip trunks

Find out how SIP Trunking can save your business money

SIP Trunking is a method by which business phone systems can operate using an internet connection instead of a traditional phone line. This involves connecting your organisation’s PBX (phone system) to the outside world via an IP connection to a SIP provider’s network. With SIP trunking in place, your business can take advantage of the many […]

20/12/2016 Phone Systems Contact Us

Use your communications technology to improve sales in your business

Woody Allen said “80% of life is showing up” but in the case of sales it’s really 100%.  If your sales force is not as available as it should be, you are losing out to competitors who are simply better at it than you. Ask yourself: Do you keep sales prospects waiting on purpose hoping […]

15/12/2016 cloud-based services

Cloud-based Services – Businesses fail to see the holistic potential of integrated cloud solutions

Cloud-based services  –  Research was carried out in the early part of this year involving 250 senior IT and business decision-makers from small, medium and large enterprise private businesses as well as the public sector regarding the business adoption of cloud computing. The research revealed that whilst cloud based services are soaring among business users in the […]


Why leasing your business telephone system is the right choice

Many people think that the only way to upgrade / replace their existing business telephone system is waiting to buy it outright, but this simply isn’t the case and there are other options available. For businesses looking to make an investment in a new telephone system you have to decide how you want to pay for this new […]

26/01/2016 Tech Horizon

Cloud Phone for hot-desking and remote workers

Hosted Telephony is quickly becoming the number one way many businesses are choosing to go when it comes to deciding the future of their business telecoms.  A lot of this has to do with the fact that Hosted Telephony looks to avoid the excess costs and complexities of on-premise solutions and removes the headache often […]

13/01/2015 Communications Management

Communications Management reporting software: The key to achieving a better business practice

Whilst Communications Management Software might sound like a new concept to some of you, you might be surprised to learn it’s actually been around for decades but the simple fact is, most businesses don’t explore it completely and so there are many benefits of this great application that never get used. In the past, Communications […]

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