Phone System Security

25/10/2018 UPS power system

5 Reasons Why Every Business Owner Needs an Effective UPS solution

Since business telephone systems are heavily dependent on an electricity supply, it’s crucial that your business has some form of a back-up on hand  when unforeseeable events such as blackouts, brownouts, surges, and spikes, occur due to electrical storms and other natural or human-induced disasters. By having a UPS power system installed you’ll have a […]

13/12/2016 cloud computing

Cloud Computing in business: The home of future innovations

Cloud Computing for your business It would seem that with so many companies implementing the Cloud into their business, we should be seeing a significant investment in this sector over the next three years. With nearly 50 per cent of tech-savvy enterprises relying solely on Cloud computing for new business model launches, it appears more and more […]

19/08/2016 Toll Fraud

Toll Fraud – Avoid killer bills with our SIP/ VoIP telephone lines service

Toll Fraud – We have all heard about individuals being hit with excessive telephone bills detailing call charges or roaming data charges running into the hundreds and sometimes thousands.  Sadly when the phone bill lands it can often be too late to avoid having to pay the excessive costs as the calls have been made. Similar […]

20/01/2016 Cybercrime

7 top tips to help protect your business against Cybercrime

Cybercrime …Gone are the days when the “bad guys” were the thugs walking around with a baseball bat checking for security guards before they busted a window and made off with one of your computers. While it’s true this type of crime may have put a dent in your profits and was a definite inconvenience, […]


Make sure you protect your business mobile devices

Mobile computing devices have become a crucial tool in today’s networked world. Businesses and individuals alike rely on mobile devices in order to remain reachable when out of the office or away from home. While mobile devices, such as smartphones, laptops, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and Universal Serial Bus (USB) memory sticks have increased convenience, […]

25/08/2015 cloud telephony security

Top Tips for Security on the Cloud

The increasing popularity of cloud computing has meant that more and more businesses are migrating their data and software onto the cloud. According to Symantec nearly half of all business data is now stored in the cloud. For businesses of any size, ensuring high levels of security on the Cloud a are maintained is a […]

17/06/2015 Toll Fraud

Toll Fraud Attacks: Protect your business!

Businesses across the UK are falling victim to telephone fraud and PBX hacking with each Toll Fraud attack costing businesses on average £10,000. This is a multi-billion dollar industry with monetary damages more than double that of Credit Card Fraud. It has fast become a global, industry-wide problem that has caused extensive financial loss to […]

15/04/2015 avaya ip office 9.1

Step into the future with the Avaya IP Office 9.1

Avaya IP Office 9.1 is the next major release for the IP Office product portfolio containing new and innovative features that enhance the user experience and user productivity, and simplify deployment, configuration, and management of the IP Office product. Avaya continues to improve the Avaya IP Office™ Platform. Release 9.1 is the most scalable, resilient, […]

14/01/2015 Why Cloud VoIP Business phones

Cloud VoIP Business phones can be more secure than an on-site system

While there are many options when it comes to communicating with clients, customers and employees, the telephone remains a mainstay for the majority of most businesses. Over the years businesses have seen an increase in telephone fraud and because of this security has become a top priority for many businesses with decisions on new phone […]


How to protect yourself from nightmare landline telephone bills…

We have all heard about individuals being hit with excessive telephone bills detailing call charges or roaming data charges running into the hundreds and sometimes thousands.  Sadly when the phone bill lands it can often be too late to avoid having to cover the excessive costs as the calls have been made. Telephone fraud on […]


How to protect your business mobiles

As more and more tablets and smartphones are doubling up for business and personal use, how does your business mange and protect these devices?  Should the worst happen, and one of these devices get lost or stolen, not only is the employees personal information lost, but now everything from company emails to client contact information […]


Telephone System Hacking – How secure are your business telephone systems?

Over the last couple of years the occurrence of telephone system hacking has seen a massive increase; the reason for this is simple… Attacking business telephone systems is a high profit low risk activity. A hacker will normally link together several unprotected telephone systems making tracing the calls almost impossible. They generate profit by dialling […]

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