Moving Office

01/12/2014 Security padlock

What about the alarm systems at your new site?

When moving into a previously occupied site, you may decide to keep the existing fire or intruder alarm systems that are present in the premises.  Whilst this might seem like a straightforward procedure we do advise that you get the system fully checked out before you relocate. Like with any type of technology, continual use […]

12/11/2014 Access control pixelated hand to represent computerised hand print recognition

Have you considered an Access Control System for your business premises?

Would you like a simple system that helps you to manage the flow of people entering your business premises? Perhaps you need a more accurate account of the time your staff are arriving and leaving work? Access control systems are designed to make the access points of your building secure, making sure that only the […]

07/11/2014 Relocating Office

Relocating Office – What can you expect from your business broadband at your new site?

If you are relocating office there are a number of key issues you need to consider before your business relocates. One of these ‘key issues’ is your business broadband. Access to the internet is absolutely essential in today’s commercial world.  Virtually all businesses rely on the internet to some degree, be it for just sending […]


Don’t let downtime get you down when your moving office

7 useful points on how to move your office more efficiently… Figures state that the UK has the worst downtime rate in business in the whole of Europe, coming in at a whopping 27 hours per year.  That’s a lot of time to lose and as the old saying goes, “time is money” and in […]

04/11/2014 Quick quote tool

Business made simpler with our “Free Quick Quote Tool”

Are you thinking about upgrading your telephone system but are worried about the costs? Perhaps you’re moving office and need new cabling for your phones but don’t know if your budget will stretch. With our handy Free Quick Quote tool, we can answer these questions and more in less than 60 seconds, giving you a great […]


Will I need any cabling for my telephones and computers in the new site?

A business relocation is stressful enough without the added complications of transitioning your IT infrastructure.  That’s why we at Tech IP thought it would be a good idea to give you a run-down of the many things you will need to consider when relocating to a new site. Every business should have an IT infrastructure […]

10/10/2014 Moving Office with VoIP

Moving office and need to know what type of telephone line will work best at your new site?

Moving office with VoIP takes a great amount of planning and resources but it’s always best to get everything sorted and in place before you relocate. If you have given yourself enough time to plan the move properly then this gives you plenty of time to reassess your telecommunications set up including the phone system […]

29/09/2014 Ball of numbers on hand

Moving office and want to keep the same phone number?

Keeping your business phone number when your’e moving office is one of the most vital considerations for any business. Yet with traditional telephone lines it is not always possible to retain your current published telephone numbers, if you are moving out of the area. This can present a huge problem for your business as phone numbers […]

25/11/2013 Moving written on wooden blocks - Moving Office

Moving office phone systems? Have you allowed enough time?

A poorly arranged office move can hit a business hard on many fronts. If the right considerations are not made, it could affect employee morale and productivity, or cause the business significant downtime from not having important services in place.  Ultimately it could cost the business a lot of money. One way of reducing the […]

19/11/2013 Access control stop sign

Should you consider an access control system for your office premises?

Would you like a simple system which tells you what time your staff are entering and leaving work? No more time spent worrying about people being late and how best to handle the problem, with an access control system we simply fit magnetic door locks to your entry points and provide your staff with key […]


Moving Office? What is the best Internet connection you can have at the planned new site?

Nowadays it is very important how fast and cost-effective our business Internet connection is, nobody wants to move into a new office to find the Internet is “actually slower than it was at the last place”, staff complain and everything slows down, we really would recommend checking your options here even before committing to a […]


Moving Office? How can you improve your telephone systems?

When you are moving office you have an ideal opportunity to review the way in which your current telephone system works for you and your clients and consider new technology that may give you an edge.  There are many new and emerging technologies which could have a positive impact on your organisation and you should […]

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