Data Network Services

03/06/2019 5G MOBILE NETWORK

5G For The Small Business

Your mobile broadband is about to get even better, 5x faster in fact! After nearly a decade in the making, it’s finally here. 5G is the next evolution – fifth generation – in mobile networks. 5G is due to roll out this summer, with mobile giants Vodafone giving a live date as early as the […]

16/04/2019 Internet Speeds and Bandwidth

Bandwidth Vs Internet Speed…what’s the difference?

It’s easy to get confused when we think about Internet Speeds and Bandwidth. Internet speed, the number they give you (5 Mbps, for example), has nothing to do with how fast your internet works. In fact, real “internet speed” has to do with something called latency. Internet connections, including satellite Internet connections, are advertised with […]

15/02/2019 Question Mark Internet Bandwidth

Business and Bandwidth…how much is enough?

The internet plays a big role in your business- from website usage, to uploading video content to blogging. The best way to secure reliable high-speed internet for your business involves bandwidth. Bandwidth is defined as the ability to transfer data (such as a VoIP telephone call) from one point to another in a fixed amount […]

07/01/2019 Structured cabling for business

Structured Cabling for Business… What are the Benefits?

You’ve drawn up the plans and you know who’s going where at the new site, but have you considered what cabling to install?  Each position needs a socket available to connect equipment such as a telephones, computers, printers, scanners and fax machines etc. Planning structured cabling for business offices can get tricky if you don’t understand […]

22/10/2018 Cloud backup data storage

Why Cloud Backup solutions are essential for your business!!

Data loss happens all the time and when it does, it can be devastating to a business. Frequent causes of data loss are natural disasters, such as an electrical storm or flood. There are also  new-age disasters like viruses, employee mistakes, or old/faulty equipment.  Just look at the weather we are experiencing at the moment […]

24/08/2017 setting up a server room

Do you need help setting up a Server room?

Once you have decided which room is to be used for your computer and telephone equipment and called it a server room or comms room, the next step will be to ensure you have adequate power available and racking space to house your systems effectively. There are several key components to consider when setting up […]

14/07/2017 Structured cabling

What are the benefits of structured cabling for offices?

All companies need a good communication system to support services such as WAN, LAN and ISDN. Your IT infrastructure should not only be strong and secure, but should also adapt to the ongoing changes in your business. Read on to find out how structured cabling could improve your business. 5 benefits of Structured Cabling for […]

22/06/2017 Wireless mobile broadband

Stay connected on the go with Mobile Broadband from Tech IP

When you’re out of the office, having access to your Emails, business apps, web portals & maps is crucial if you’re to keep up-to-date with everything that’s going on in your business at all times. When things crop up with your customers and clients (as they often do) and you’re on the road, being unprepared […]

20/04/2017 ethernet cabling

Ethernet Price Reductions from Tech IP

Make real savings for your business with special offers on Fibre Connection available until 31 st March 2018 We are pleased to announce we’ve made reductions across our Ethernet portfolio including significant savings with special offers on 100Mbps service and 1GB fibre connections. We are offering upto 50% reduction on 100Mb fibre connection charge effective from 15th […]

06/01/2017 move office and save money

How can you save money when you move office?

Cost is a concern in any business decision, and when you move office it can cure–or create–many cost issues. This is why if you are planning an office move, it’s a great time to review your costs and to make sure your business is not paying over the odds for products and services. Here at Tech IP […]

28/11/2016 Fibre Broadband - BT NET

Data Cabling, Cat5e / Cat6a / Fibre Network Cabling Systems

Every business should have an IT infrastructure that’s not only strong and secure, but can also adapt to the on-going changes in your growing business. By structuring your network cabling, it means future events such as office refurbishments and extensions, data-centre transformations and adopting new technologies is made simpler and more cost effective. Tech IP […]

07/11/2014 Relocating Office

Relocating Office – What can you expect from your business broadband at your new site?

If you are relocating office there are a number of key issues you need to consider before your business relocates. One of these ‘key issues’ is your business broadband. Access to the internet is absolutely essential in today’s commercial world.  Virtually all businesses rely on the internet to some degree, be it for just sending […]

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