Call Recording

16/01/2019 Call Recording headset on keyboard

Enabling Call Recording and how it works with your Cloud Phone System

Call Recording allows you to record your Inbound, Outbound or both Inbound and Outbound calls on your Cloud phone system. The solution allows you to record 100 percent of your calls, archive them efficiently and find specific calls quickly and easily.With advanced settings you can search among hundreds of logged interactions and play back relevant recordings […]

16/01/2018 Customer Service

Don’t brush off your business “Customer service is the new sales!

Technology is moving fast and with today’s customers actively engaging in social media, the world of marketing and customer service has seen a dramatic change over the last ten years. Who doesn’t check the feedback messages when buying off enterprises such as eBay or reads numerous reviews before they make that purchase? I mean it’s […]

09/05/2017 inbound telephone services smiling woman on headset

Improve customer service with better call management – Inbound telephone services

Inbound telephone services – Better call management means better customer service and as all business owners know, keeping customers happy is critical to the success of your business. Within the last 6 months, 24% of UK customers have stopped doing business with a company due to a bad customer service experience. When this happens to […]

17/01/2017 Call Recording Compliant RecordX logo

Telephone Call Recording: Are you PCI compliant?

Compliance is a murky subject. A casual glance presents the uninitiated with a series of rules and regulations that can seem at once critical and yet apparently contradictory. Some state that certain financial transactions must be recorded, whilst others, so it seems, demand that financial details be excluded or covered up. The only thing that […]

01/09/2016 Contact us - woman wearing headset

Inbound Telephone Services – Control calls on any device, anywhere, on any number

With Inbound telephone services you can have online access to a full range of call routing, monitoring and managing tools to empower your business with the perfect customer service. Immediate to set up – everything’s online and directly feeds into the network giving the ability to instantly create or make changes to call plans, announcements […]

09/08/2016 Call Recording

Call Recording – “Reduce the impact and length of office disputes”

Office disputes that could potentially disrupt your working environment and reduce productivity in the workplace, could be resolved quicker or avoided entirely if a call recording system was in place. Many businesses still sit on the fence when it comes to call recording and avoid considering this fantastic technology due to misconceptions about cost and its […]

19/07/2016 Call Recording

Call recording – “A great training tool you may not have considered”

Call Recording Recent reports have shown that the use of recorded calls in training for new or long-term employees can have a positive effect on business phone interactions and customer services. Call Centre Helper reported that using call recording for training meant businesses can “build a tangible evidence-base against which they can consistently audit the […]

14/10/2015 Call Recording - improve your customer service

Improve your customer service levels with Telephone Call Recording

Your customer service team is often the face of your company, and customers’ experiences will be defined by the skill and quality of the support they receive. Telephone Call Recording solutions are an ideal training tool, as it enables you to continuously manage, monitor and improve the service levels provided by your employees. Employers can […]

09/06/2015 Call recording figure of a little man

Telephone call recording: Find out what’s going on in your business

Reckless behaviour of employees can have comprehensive impact on the overall wellbeing of any business, regardless of its size. An employee that shows a disregard for your businesses ethics and compliance policies may go unnoticed until extensive damage has already been done. Using Telephone Call Recording, companies have a means of reviewing employee activities to […]

03/06/2015 Call recording software

Why telephone Call Recording gives you instant evidence, legality & proof

Over the past few years the amount of regulations and requirements facing businesses has greatly increased. Many businesses are becoming aware just how costly non-compliance can be, with associated legal and public image ramifications harming, sometimes irreversibly, company revenues. Call Recording gives businesses the opportunity to improve compliance results and reduce potential legal risks to […]

12/05/2015 Telephone Call Recording

Improve sales in your business with Telephone Call Recording

By implementing an affordable telephone call recording application as part of your new or existing telephone system you could improve your telephone sales performance and generate an increase in the sales for your business significantly. Every business should continuously look for ways to optimise sales strategies by examining the strengths and weaknesses with their sales […]

14/10/2014 customer service

Don’t brush off your business “service is the new sales”

Technology is moving fast and with today’s customers actively engaging in social media, the world of marketing and customer service has seen a dramatic change over the last ten years. Who doesn’t check the feedback messages when buying off enterprises such as eBay or reads numerous reviews before they make that purchase? I mean it’s […]

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