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You can get a quote for telephone systems by answering the four simple questions

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Twenty Seven years and oak products are still going strong… Oak originally was a call management solution provider. Yet as the company grew, so to did its reputation for pioneering and cost-effective solutions. During the mid-nineties, Oak changed the industry again by introducing WindowsTM-based solutions. Today Oak is an SME market leader in call recording, call logging, CTI, and wallboard. The company aims to help businesses reach their potential and continue to offer cutting-edge solutions.

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Trusted Oak Supplier

Tech IP has been a supplier of Oak products for many years. We can provide trained engineers accredited to the highest levels. Providing installations, remote diagnostics, and field-based support services. Our advisors are more than happy to review your requirements and survey your site. Then design and quote the most appropriate Oak solution for your organisation

Oak is one of the most trusted names in UK telecoms with a commitment to continuous development and support. They have accredited partners with all the leading telephone system manufacturers. So, whatever your platform, there is a solution for you.

Indeed, whether you’re looking for state-of-the-art call recording, call logging & reporting. Or thinking about adding CTI integration to your existing communications systems. We can supply an Oak solution that has you covered.

Please contact us using the contact form. Then request one of our Oak account managers to discuss the products & solutions you could consider from Oak.

Oak Products...

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recordX is a unified call recording solution that includes fixed line, mobile, and VoIP recording in a single solution. recordX is designed to enrich your business by allowing you to deliver the best possible service to your customers. By recording phone calls, you can swiftly confirm back any discussions with a customer. This enables any disputes to be quickly resolved. Also retaining future business with your customer. It could also mean the prevention of time-consuming litigation. Please download our recordX brochure below to learn more.

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reportX is an advanced call reporting solution for businesses of any size. It contains both call logging and intelligent wallboard display. reportX is designed to manage and improve the use of telecommunications throughout your business. By providing a wide and flexible range of reports that report exactly what is going on. All in a way that is easy to understand and tailored to your business. Please download our reportX brochure below to learn more

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connectX is an integration tool that brings business and telecoms data together, in real-time. Use it to speed up call handling and improve the service quality offered to customers. connectX recognises who’s calling. It uses this information to search your database or application to find the matching contact. It will then screen pop all the contact details before you answer the call. Please download our connectX brochure below to learn more.

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displayX is a powerful real-time reporting engine plus a motivational and presentation tool. displayX provides a view of key factors affecting business performance at a glance. All displayed on large plasma screens and individual users’ PCs as required. displayX links your business and telecom applications to show you accurate information about your performance. Being able to see what is happening right now in such a visible and dynamic format allows you to identify any problems and correct them quickly. Please download our connectX brochure below to learn more.

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going the extra mile…

The Helpdesk… A dedicated UK-based helpdesk with highly trained teams to help you if you need support. If your usage of the Oak software is mission-critical you can opt for 24-hour support. Giving you access to support 24/7 from dedicated engineers on emergency cover to assist you.

LogMeIn RescueTM… The on-demand remote support solution offers temporary, permission-based access to remote PCs. This allows for a fast, efficient incident resolution. Proven to return high customer satisfaction.

Training Courses… We offer in-depth training on Oak products to all customers who request them. There is a range of courses designed to meet your needs. If you need extra training we can arrange for a remote training session. We’ll log into your computer remotely and show you step-by-step how to use it.

Contract Renewal… When it’s time to renew your support plan on your Oak products, there is no need to stress, we’ll contact you.


why tech advance?

So, which telephone system and technologies you put in place for your business is an important purchasing decision. Also, one which you do not make very often. Our job is to make the process easy to understand and also implement for you. Whilst taking away all the jargon, when building a solution that works for your business. In addition to giving you a great return on investment. Whilst most importantly lowering operating costs. You can consider all the latest telephone system technologies, of course including oak products through us with ease.
In fact, pretty much all these new applications and technologies can save you money, and save you time. Also improving your customer’s experience, and raising new sales business levels. Alongside increased flexibility in the workplace. Why not simply contact us if you are considering a telephone system review project? We would love to hear from you if you are considering oak products and can offer the very best feedback and advice at no cost.
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you can get a quote for telephone systems by answering the four simple questions...

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Tech IP. Our Story.

Founded in 2001, Tech IP offer a project managed approach to provide fixed and mobile telephone services and products, and a wide range of internet connectivity solutions. We believe in a partnership approach to business;  adding value to your business by providing technology efficiency and focusing on service delivery. Making your life easier with our complete communications solutions.

Please watch our brief video for an overview.

Business Services

moving office

I am moving office

Moving office phone systems can be stressful, we can help with your office relocation.

Setting Up New Office

I am setting up a new office

Find the right location, design the workplace, negotiate a lease or decide on buy.

Review telephone services

Phone service review

Detailed cost service review of all your IT and telecoms costs and services.

Managed Voice and Data

Managed phones and internet connections

Specialised voice and data services for corporate customers throughout the UK.


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