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Three-Month Stop Sell Notice for WLR & Legacy Broadband

The telecom industry is undergoing a significant shift towards All-IP (Internet Protocol) solutions, rendering legacy copper-based services obsolete.

Understanding the Three-Month Stop Sell Notice

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the details of the three-month Stop Sell notice for WLR (Wholesale Line Rental) and Legacy Broadband. Furthermore, we’ll explore why starting the transition to All-IP solutions today can benefit your business in terms of resiliency, broadband speeds, and IP Voice options.

Effective from 5th September 2023, the Nationwide Stop Sell notice imposes restrictions on growing legacy copper-based solutions, which include WLR Single Lines, Multi Lines, ISDN2, ISDN30, and ADSL (SMPF), FTTC, and G.Fast.

In simple terms, the three-month WLR (Wholesale Line Rental) and Legacy Broadband Stop Sell is a notice that states certain services using old copper-based technology will no longer be available for purchase or modification. It means that businesses will not be able to grow or make changes to services like WLR Single Lines, Multi Lines, ISDN2, ISDN30, ADSL (SMPF), FTTC, and G.Fast.

The purpose of this notice is to encourage businesses to transition to newer, more advanced All-IP (Internet Protocol) solutions. These All-IP solutions offer benefits such as faster broadband speeds, improved resiliency, and a variety of options for IP Voice. The Stop Sell notice is a signal for businesses to start migrating to All-IP solutions to future-proof their communication infrastructure.

The following activities will no longer be possible as part of the Stop Sell:

  • Transferring legacy services “Like for Like” between suppliers (WLR, SMPF, FTTC) to gain new customers.
  • Placing working line takeover orders.
  • Restarting stopped lines.
  • Amending DDI (Direct Dial-In) ranges.
  • Increasing/decreasing ISDN channels.
  • Converting Single Lines to Multi Lines/ISDN and vice versa.
  • Amending Select Services (except Remote Call Forwarding).
  • Adding Broadband (SMPF and FTTC) to WLR lines.
  • Changing bandwidth capacity.
  • Migrating to non-ultrafast products.


Benefits of Transitioning to All-IP Solutions:

Future-Proofing Your Business:

By migrating your customers to All-IP solutions before the deadline, you ensure their communication infrastructure remains up-to-date and compatible with evolving technologies. This future-proofing enables your business to adapt seamlessly to future advancements in the telecom industry.

Enhanced Resiliency:

All-IP solutions provide better resiliency, reducing the risk of service disruptions and downtime. The flexibility and redundancy offered by IP-based networks ensure uninterrupted communication, improving customer satisfaction and minimizing business interruptions.

Faster Broadband Speeds:

With All-IP solutions, customers can experience significantly faster broadband speeds compared to legacy copper-based services. This increased bandwidth facilitates smoother data transfer, enables efficient video conferencing, and supports other bandwidth-intensive applications.

Expanded IP Voice Options:

Transitioning to All-IP solutions opens up a wide range of IP Voice options for your business and customers. From Voice over IP (VoIP) to Unified Communications (UC) platforms, businesses can leverage advanced features, scalability, and cost savings offered by IP-based telephony systems.


Start Transitioning Today

Rather than waiting until the last minute, take advantage of the three-month notice and initiate the migration to All-IP solutions for your customers. Early adoption allows you to provide them with the benefits of enhanced resiliency, faster broadband speeds, and a multitude of IP Voice options. Embrace the transition proactively, and position your business at the forefront of the telecom industry.



The three-month Stop Sell notice for WLR and Legacy Broadband signifies a pivotal shift towards All-IP solutions in the telecom industry. By understanding the implications of this notice and taking proactive steps to transition to All-IP, your business can stay ahead of the curve. Embrace the benefits of future-proofing, enhanced resiliency, faster broadband speeds.

Ready to transition to All-IP solutions and future-proof your business? Contact our team today to discuss your migration strategy and ensure a smooth transition. Call us at 0345 389 2310 or email us at Let us help you navigate the changing landscape of telecom services and unlock the full potential of All-IP solutions.

Remember, the deadline is approaching, so don’t delay in making the necessary changes. Embrace the transition today and position your business for success in the era of All-IP communication.

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