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Upcoming Price Increase From 1st February 2023 For Legacy None VoIP Services
Whilst facing raising operating costs we have to respond in the fairest way possible. Unfortunately, this means applying a price increase to some analogue services only.
We have seen a price increase at a higher rate than being passed on to you for these services. So we have absorbed some of the costs, to minimise the effect on your costs as much as possible.
From 1st February 2023 all older analogue legacy products, including PSTN & ISDN line rentals and associated services, will be increasing by 15%.
Please note however, this does not affect any newer VoIP-type products that you have with Tech IP. Such as cloud telephone systems, mobile phone contracts, or broadband internet services.
The products affected are in fact the exact products that Openreach has planned to withdraw completely from the market in 2025.
Please understand that it is common for Openreach to increase charges on legacy products before withdrawal, to encourage customers to upgrade sooner. This is the case with PSTN analogue services now. We will work with you in the short term future to assist in moving you onto newer VoIP services where possible. Please follow the below link to an information video about the upcoming changes in 2025… Showing which services are directly affected
Should you have any questions about the increase in the charges, please do not hesitate to contact your account manager.

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Founded in 2001, Tech IP offer a project managed approach to provide fixed and mobile telephone services and products, and a wide range of internet connectivity solutions. We believe in a partnership approach to business;  adding value to your business by providing technology efficiency and focusing on service delivery. Making your life easier with our complete communications solutions.

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Moving office phone systems can be stressful, we can help with your office relocation.

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Find the right location, design the workplace, negotiate a lease or decide on buy.

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Detailed cost service review of all your IT and telecoms costs and services.

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Managed phones and internet connections

Specialised voice and data services for corporate customers throughout the UK.


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