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Do you know, it has been almost three years since BT first made the announcement that it was to switch off its PSTN and ISDN networks by 2025? Time really does fly in the world of business –  and is another reason why, if you haven’t already got a plan in place to look at IP-based solutions for your businesses future communication needs, you really need to get a move on!

In fact, 2025 is when BT estimate the switch off will be complete, they are actually beginning the switch off as early as 2020. In central London, BT have not installed any new ISDN lines since 2014 which goes to show that many businesses have already moved on.

Some businesses will have less than 2 years to look for an alternative solution to their telephony and internet needs.

The worrying fact of the matter is that with over 2 million businesses in the UK using ISDN connections (as of 2017), at least a quarter of them are unaware that the switch off will be taking place.

Why are they being replaced?

In short, ISDN and PSTN are being replaced because they are now outdated systems that take too much time and too much money to keep running. Whilst, they have been consistently updated over the years, they are to much affect the same as the original telephone systems of the 1800s. In these highly technological times, it really makes no sense to keep running with such outdated systems when we have cutting edge technology at our fingertips.

By converging all services – voice, data, video, and even broadcasting to the IP protocol, BT only has to maintain one network, not several.

Every business knows the importance of modernising the ways in which they operate. Whilst it might seem impractical in some respects to make such a drastic switch so suddenly, this in fact has been a long time coming. VoIP is not a new technology, it has been a proven platform for voice for some time now and it offers many benefits that the traditional network can’t offer.

Advantages of VoIP services over PSTN and ISDN

  • Reduced Costs – With VoIP, you can reduce your line rental due to needing fewer physical lines. Your calls will become cheaper or even free in some cases, so your monthly bill will reduce significantly.
  • Greater Flexibility – This is one area where VoIP phone service excels over PSTN and ISDN services. VoIP phone systems offer both flexibility and the ability to scale up or down. You can move anywhere in the UK and simply plug back into the network with no need to change numbers. You can even redirect calls to different parts of the country at the flick of a switch.
  • Better Infrastructure – VoIP is far easier to set up and operate compared to the PSTN system. There is no PBX hardware to install or maintain on site or anywhere within your business premises. With VoIP, all you need to do is plug your VoIP phones into the Internet and you are up and running straight away.
  • A Secure System – It’s often cited as one of the disadvantages of hosted phone systems, but when it comes to security there’s really no need to fear the cloud. Maintenance and security responsibilities are put into the hands of trained, dedicated professionals who are dedicated to running a secure service, so you don’t have to. And should the worst happen, and something was to fail, then data will be rerouted to another part of the system, so you won’t even notice any downtime.
  • Choice of STD Code – VoIP phones systems also give you the flexibility to choose which STD dialling code you wish to have. For example, a business based in Preston can choose to have a London number.

If you are interested in looking at this further, all we need is a copy of your current telephone billing and a quick chat to understand what type of systems you are using right now to then provide a recommendation on when you should be planning to make the move towards VoIP services. Contact us on 0345 389 2310 and well be happy to help. Alternatively you can visit our Office VoIP phone systems page for information about this product.

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