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Everything Everywhere may launch 4G network in the UK in 2012

The UK’s first mainstream 4G mobile service may launch later this year, says Ofcom.  The new network would deliver broadband style speeds across the air, allowing for mobile devices to deliver services instantly. ‘The mobile phone operator Everything Everywhere has submitted an application to Ofcom to use its existing spectrum to deliver 4G services,’ Ofcom […]


Beginners guide to communications management

Communications management, including call reporting, is not a new concept, but lots of people haven’t explored it fully. Communications management can deliver significant business benefits, regardless of business size or industry sector. Historically, communications management was used to verify a phone bill at the end of the month or allocate call costs across departments. Whilst […]


Increase the speed of your Internet connection with Ethernet in the First Mile

EFM stands for Ethernet in the First Mile, it provides a reliable high speed Internet connection. Traditionally businesses had the choice between a standard ADSL service and fibre-based Ethernet services. Unfortunately, some businesses find ADSL is not fast enough for their needs, whereas fibre-based Ethernet services are expensive. EFM is in-between these two services.  Many […]


How to protect your business mobiles

As more and more tablets and smartphones are doubling up for business and personal use, how does your business mange and protect these devices?  Should the worst happen, and one of these devices get lost or stolen, not only is the employees personal information lost, but now everything from company emails to client contact information […]


What is the right voice messaging system for your business?

Voicemail Voicemail systems provide an answer phone facility for some or all of your team’s internal office phones.  They ensure you can communicate effectively without relying on other people to take a message; an invaluable system for many businesses today. Voicemail notification has evolved in recent years and you can now receive an email notification […]


With a telephone call recording service you’ll always know the facts

Have you ever had an incident that could have been resolved easily and quickly if only you’d had a recording of the telephone calls?  Or maybe you need to hold details of your client communications for marketing or training purposes or to comply with FSA regulations? If you answered yes then you should consider the […]


Dramatically improve your customer service in just 4 weeks

Take advantage of missed call reports.  This is a quick and effective way to go the extra mile.  Imagine your customer calls at a peak time when everyone’s busy, after 30 seconds or so they’ll probably hang up.  They may try again later but they could just call a competitor instead. So wouldn’t it be […]


Cut the cost of your business mobile phone bill

What can your business do to cut the cost of your business mobile phone bill and take advantage of the productivity benefits it brings without incurring the high costs? For small and growing businesses, new telecoms technology offers a number of options for better managing your company’s mobile phone charges. You can offload calls from […]


Telephone System Hacking – How secure are your business telephone systems?

Over the last couple of years the occurrence of telephone system hacking has seen a massive increase; the reason for this is simple… Attacking business telephone systems is a high profit low risk activity. A hacker will normally link together several unprotected telephone systems making tracing the calls almost impossible. They generate profit by dialling […]


Control your calls from any device, anywhere, on any number with Inbound services

With Inbound services, you can have online access to a full range of call routing, monitoring and managing tools to empower your business with the perfect customer service. HOW DOES IT WORK? You access Inbound services online, the user interface is used to create inbound call routing plans which feed directly into the telecoms network […]


Is your current telecoms system helping or hurting your business?

Not sure? Well, unless it’s helping you increase sales, lower overhead or work more productively, then it’s hurting your business and costing you money. It’s that simple. Surprised? Most small business owners are. If any of the following describes your business, you should consider moving to a newer communications system:   You plan on operating […]


Find and keep great employees : The mobility factor

In recent years, the global economy has seen sustained levels of high unemployment. So that means it’s easier than ever to find and hold on to great employees, right? Wrong! Finding and retaining the really effective employee remains a major challenge, particularly because today’s work force is so diverse.  That’s why “one-size-fits-all” strategies for keeping […]

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