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With so many telecom providers and literally hundreds of different business calls and lines tariffs on the market, working out whether you’re getting the best deal is a headache. Getting truly independent advice about how much you should be paying is difficult too. But you don’t need to rely on providers to tell you the truth, by following our 8 easy steps you can take control and ensure you’re not paying over the odds:

  1. Find the latest copy of your phone bill and ensure you have the summary page which shows the total number of minutes and the total charge made by destination type; i.e. local, national, mobile.
  2. Take your local calls and calculate the total number of minutes used, for example, 2 hours and 20 minutes would be 140 minutes.
  3. Take the cost of your local calls, usually on the same line, and divide it by the number of minutes.
  4. If you get a figure of over 1.2p per minute you are paying too much.
  5. Now do the same for your national calls and again if you are paying over 1.2p per minute you are paying too much.
  6. And then again on your mobiles, if this figure comes out over 9.5p per minute then you are paying over the odds.
  7. Locate the page in your phone bill which summarises your rental charges. You may have lines listed with the numbers and type of lines such as ISDN2 or analogue or PSTN or ISDN30. Divide the charge by the number of lines, so you can see how much you are paying per line per month.#
  8. Compare the amount you are paying per line per month:
PSTN or analogue   If more than £14 per month, you are paying too much.
ISDN2   These are sometimes billed as 2 lines in one circuit, if you are paying more than £14 per line you are paying too much.
ISDN30   If you are paying more than £16 per month you are paying too much.

Find out more on calls & lines

You may also have supplementary services listed separately or calls to other destinations, if you’d like to know if you’re paying too much for these services please contact us for a free review or call 0800 50 533 50 today to find out more.

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