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Business Ethernet Solutions

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, where the reliance on cloud-based applications and the demand for fast internet access are non-negotiable, the quality of connectivity becomes paramount. Tech IP proudly introduces its Business Ethernet solutions, meticulously designed for offices and homeworkers, ensuring a high-quality, secure connection that meets the evolving needs of businesses. Let’s delve into the features, services, and benefits that make Tech IP’s Ethernet solutions the ideal choice for businesses in search of exceptional connectivity and communication.

What is Ethernet?

Ethernet is a robust and widely adopted networking technology that facilitates high-speed data transmission over a local area network (LAN). It serves as the backbone for connecting devices within an organization, offering a reliable and standardized method for data exchange.

Ethernet operates on a protocol that governs the way data packets are placed on the network, ensuring efficient communication between devices. With Tech IP’s Business Ethernet solutions, this technology is tailored exclusively for the business market, providing offices and homeworkers with a secure and high-quality connection.

From the traditional FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) to advanced solutions like Fibre Ethernet and 4G Fast Start, Tech IP’s Ethernet offerings encompass a range of services designed to meet the evolving connectivity needs of modern businesses.

How Will Ethernet Improve Your Business?

Implementing Ethernet solutions from Tech IP can significantly enhance your business operations in several key ways. Firstly, the scalability and flexibility offered by Ethernet enable businesses to adapt to changing demands seamlessly. As your business grows, Tech IP’s Ethernet services allow for quick bandwidth upgrades, ensuring that your connectivity can keep pace with expanding requirements.

Moreover, the dedicated, secure, and uncontended nature of Tech IP’s Business Ethernet connections provides an ideal environment for critical applications. Whether it’s IP telephony, video conferencing, or instant messaging, the low-latency service ensures a smooth and reliable experience.


Why Choose Tech IP’s Ethernet Solutions?

Tech IP stands out as a reliable partner for businesses seeking high-availability and high-capacity connectivity. The company’s Fibre Ethernet service, delivering up to 1Gbps dedicated bandwidth, ensures not only speed but also flexibility with the option to quickly upgrade when necessary.

The uncontended, low-latency service is ideal for cloud-based applications, providing a robust and reliable network. With an availability starting at 99.9%, Tech IP’s Ethernet solutions are tailored for business-critical applications, offering the reliability needed in today’s competitive landscape.

The consolidation of data and communication into one connection leads to significant cost savings, and monitoring and helpdesk ensure consistent service. By choosing Tech IP, businesses gain a strategic edge with a future-ready connectivity solution designed for optimal performance and reliability.


Key Services:

  1. FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet):

    • Utilizes optical fibre to replace part of the traditional metal local loop.
    • Enables higher speeds and increased stability compared to ADSL.
    • The DSLAM is located in the cabinet, enhancing efficiency.
  2. EFM (Ethernet for the First Mile):

    • Part of the Ethernet family, providing symmetrical speeds.
    • Resilient and more reliable than standard ADSL or FTTC products.
  3. Fibre Broadband (FTTP – Fibre to The Premises):

    • Fiber extends all the way to the end user’s premises, ensuring higher speeds and reliability.
  4. 4G Fast-Start:

    • Offers instant connectivity while waiting for Ethernet circuits to be installed.
    • Seamlessly transitions to a backup when the primary circuit is ready.
  5. Broadband and Ethernet Backup:

    • Resilient failover solutions enhance service availability.
    • Various failover options provide protection against unforeseen network incidents.


  1. High Capacity and Flexible Connectivity:

    • Delivers up to 1Gbps dedicated bandwidth, with the flexibility to upgrade quickly.
  2. Dedicated and Uncontended Bandwidth:

    • Ideal for cloud-based services with low-latency and uncontended network service.
  3. Highly Reliable Connections:

    • Availability starting at 99.9%, making it suitable for business-critical applications.
  4. Data and Communication Consolidation:

    • Consolidates voice, video conferencing, messaging, and data into one connection, leading to significant cost savings.
  5. Monitoring and Helpdesk:

    • Continuous monitoring and support ensure consistency and immediate action when necessary.
  6. Managed Router:

    • Swift and effective resolution of faults as Tech IP manages the router and end-to-end service.
  7. Service Level Agreement (SLA):

    • Comprehensive SLA covering delivery, performance, availability, and time-to-fix for peace of mind.
  8. Resilient Failover:

    • Local resilience using Broadband or Ethernet failover at your site, along with resilient network links.
  9. Maximize Productivity:

    • Provide quick and reliable access to critical files and applications, optimizing business efficiency.

Feature Comparison:

Feature FTTC Ethernet Ethernet First Mile Fibre Ethernet 4G Fast Start
Max Speed (downstream) 20 35 1G
Max Speed (upstream) 20 35 1G
Coverage 60% 75% 95%
Lead times (working days) 20 days 30 days 60 days
SLA (target fix time) 8 hours 8 hours 6 hours
Delivery SLA Yes Yes Yes
Resilience (site) Yes Yes Yes
Advanced networking monitoring tool Yes Yes Yes


Tech IP’s Business Ethernet solutions offer businesses in Lancashire and beyond a gateway to high-performance connectivity, ensuring they stay ahead in an increasingly digital world. Experience the future of connectivity with Tech IP, your trusted partner for exceptional communication solutions.

📞 Phone: 0345 389 2310
📧 Email: enquiries@tech-ip.co.uk

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